Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jim Konya


The city of Cleveland's music scene has an amazing kinship that I have never found in any other city I have either lived in or visited. Friendships span genres of music and sides of town; if you are a good person you will be accepted. To make something like that work you need leaders or people who are kind of like good will ambassadors. Right off the bat I can think of a half dozen names that we could agree fit that bill but none would be more deserving than Parma's first son, Jim Konya.

The city mourns the untimely loss of such a rare soul that can never be replaced. In recent weeks I have read so many testimonials about Jim and his character, lust for life and, maybe most of all, his sense of humor and all I can do is agree. I was never super close with Jim but we were friends and I always jumped at the chance to spend time with him, talk to him and enjoy his company. 

Cleveland music and the city itself will never be the same with out you, Jim. 

Help Grant Jim Konya the Key to the City of PARMA!

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