Thursday, April 9, 2015

Destroy Cleveland

Time has not been on my side as I try to train my son to look at Lebron James as savior and teach him the words to "Moon Over Parma" before he can technically speak. So I am just now getting to posting the Destroy Cleveland trailer. By this time I hope most of you are aware that the film, about the Cleveland hardcore scene of the 80s and 90s, has been made and is almost ready to premiere in multiple metropolitan cities across America.

To be fair, I think the trailer lacks something in the grit department but that's just me being overly critical about a teaser clip. I have scars from these years both physical and emotional so I expected it to hit me like a punch in the face but it was more like a so-so appetizer, just something to make me anticipate the main course.

Still a movie about bands like Integrity, One Life Crew and the H-100s is something that was the world was begging for even if they were not aware who most of those bands were. The rest of the world may have well not existed as far as most of the kids in Clevo were concerned back then; the bands had manic, depraved, violent punk rock dialed into a place not many have been able to duplicate since.

Not too late to donate to the film, you get some cool pins for the effort, these types of projects cost a lot of money but, even more so, they require so much time and commitment from the brave souls that create them. Can't wait to see the movie and I hope the city embraces it even louder and uglier than they did what was going down inside Speak in Tongues.

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