Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Location is a Problem -aka- A Call for New Music!

The Dead Town offices have officially re-opened and we are accepting the solicitation of recorded musical material. I usually would not beg you to send music to me but it's kind of hard to find new tunes from Cleveland bands while living in Los Angeles. Tough shit you say (man, you are a friend in rough times)? Yes, you are right, it is tough shit.

Ok. I will be honest with you. I miss my hometown. I miss it so much my mother and I danced to "Burn On" by Randy Newman on my wedding night. That river calls my name, I taste the sweet sting of a buttered pierogi as I write. Take mercy on a home sick ex-patriot and send me your wares so I can write pretty things about them.

Email us for mailing address or send files to:

Thank you for your assistance with this matter.


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