Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Work, Guys! Next Time it's Dread Zeppelin!

It’s not too often that I get to offer up my deepest and hardiest congratulations to my friends on this amazing blog. I’m not knocking my dudes or anything but really who is kidding who? One time I got to give the nod to the Canadian Bad Boy when he ended up on WWE Raw a few years back but that was kind of a once in a lifetime thing that I could not ignore. Really it was a shock; I spent my early twenties training, traveling and feuding in the ring wars of Ohio with CBB and, honestly, I didn’t think either of us had anything other than the opening match at the Moonshine Festival in front of us. He proved me kind of wrong.

Finally (after nearly two years) I have another chance to tell people that I care about and respect that I am proud of them: so congrats and God speed Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival… it’s about time. The weirdest and most creative duo I have ever come across (musically or otherwise) just got home after three days in Vegas opening for Puscifer. Yeah dude, you heard me right, PUSCIFER! Okay, admittedly it’s not like they just got home from touring the UK with, say, Manowar or they cut a deal with some indie label in South Africa but it’s still an accomplishment.

They converted over 6,000 assholes; something only Lebron can accomplish every day.

I always knew that their low-fi garage punk, fifth hand gear and Jesus loving shtick was way too ahead of itself and utterly offensive to remain a Cleveland secret (even though the offensive part does endure it to Cle). It was only a matter of time before they were slugging it out in the parking lots of Warped Tour shows, playing Grammy after-parties or becoming the house band for Conan O’Brian. I know those things seem as unattainable of a dream as sharing a stage with Manowar but I have faith in these guys.

I remember other Cleveland bands getting quick bursts of fame opening for mid-tier acts (Disengage tagging along with Bam Margera is a bad memory) and it usually ends when the shows do. It is what it is: a band opening for a band that everyone is there to see. But I don’t think that’s the case with USGR; they are made from a different stock of sauerkraut and march to the beat of a different bible thumper. Too funny for the American masses, too creative to be restrained in a town like Cleveland and too fucking Cleveland to ever go anywhere else.

Anyway, nice work Brother Ant and Brother Ed. Whenever I’m at a gig, I miss hearing your sweet, sweet gospel when I buy beers in between bands. It always sounded really good to me.

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