Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm Doing Something Right Now -- Eat A Dick Man


I’m going to keep on with this video idea. Visual art is a real medium, right? It’s something people do, a way people express emotion and shit. Posting videos online is just as artistic as anything else anyone is doing as far as I can tell.

Well fuck it, dude. The video below is a good one, even if it's not being shown in some West Hollywood shithole. If you read Deadtown you probably know that those weird, weird guys in This Moment in Black History stayed at my place in Los Angeles for a few days way back in the year 2007. Maybe it was for more than a few days or… maybe... it was only for a day or two that felt like a month or so.

While they were here they filled my heart with a lot of Cleveland awe. It’s true that when you see things through someone else’s eyes it is totally different. Alone, I may have not thought twice about the burrito choices in Silverlake and how they each differ in little ways. And there is NO way I would have asked Patricia Arquette for weed under ANY other circumstance.

Somehow, between cliché Los Angeles shit like that, they played a bunch of shows. It's sad but I only took video at the Spaceland gig. Man, that was awkward. TMIBH played first and real early. They were great but the crowd was busy waiting for the band in bell bottoms to play so they were, of course, real busy. Too busy to see that their heads were being beaten in by one of the most progressive punk bands to ever play that place on a Monday night.

This song was recorded either just before or just after Chris spilled a drink on some kid who was being a little too loud considering he wasn’t from a 216 or 440 area code. I don't remember who talked shit first but it ended up in a wall of Cleveland dudes standing by the stage as the non Clevelander tried to figure out what to do next. He ended up leaving during the next tune. Something special. A little us versus them and I wish it was all captured for prosperity or to use against the motor mouth as proof he’s a prick in case we run into each other again. I do have this funny rebutal from Chris:

A sign of a real good band (or one used to shit talking jobbers) is the ability to bounce back and rip it up. Proof:

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