Monday, August 18, 2008

Cle Tube or Something Smarter

I have, indeed, ignored my duties here with Deadtown. Between work, games of golf, sunbathing and general California living it’s hard to write about your baby when she’s so far away. That’s right, I’m sleeping with Cleveland but it’s a long distance thing. My roommate is inside her right now (gross) and I don’t even want to text him. You don’t want a blow by blow of the keg party while you sit in rehab.

Not having anything poignant to write I chose to let movement and technology do the wording for me. So I started a You Tube account and added some Cleveland rock and roll to it that comes directly from my home video library. I’m starting it off accordingly: with my band Amps II Eleven. See below.

If you have some rad Cle videos you want to let me post, send them along dude. I might not post it but no one might be reading this to begin with so I’m taking a chance, now it’s your turn.

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