Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Start All the Downloading

In a drunken blur Ryan Harkins and I downloaded a ton of music from our collective teenage past the other night. Crimpshrine, Sicko, Aus Rotten, Jamal… that’s just the tip of the mighty iceberg. It was pretty awesome, like having repeat sex with someone you haven’t seen in a really long time. Soulseek is a pleasant place to spend a night being warmed by a $12 jug of whiskey and a few twelvers of Pabst.

Along our journey we tried repeatedly to score that hot DJ E-V mix tape with ‘Bitch I’m From Cleveland’ on it. If you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself the honor of searching it out online. I can’t seem to download it but you can hear it on some sites buried deep into Google libraries. The big time ‘Cleveland, Cleveland, Cleveland’ shout part is worth you’re time alone and it will surely be shouted from your drunken lips when Browns season starts again. If any one reading this has it: send it to me, please.

We did end up copping a Ray Cash record that was mind blowing in its own 216 fashion. If Hip Hop was not a dying art, this guy would be popping off past Superior. Some of the beats were fluffy and main stream but anyone that reps Cleveland so hard is talented in my mind. I guess it’s Cleveland karma to be so good when no else is paying attention. But, Ray, we hear your rhymes and we like them. Keep finding ways to reference Cleveland and, one day, you will be signing posters at Tower City before Cavs just like Bone Thugs.

The internet is cooler than blogs, I guess. Finding new local music without leaving the house is great and so is reconnecting with the songs you had forgotten (which might be better than any of the songs you heard in the time that past).

And finding the Mormons 7” at two-thirty in the morning pacific time is a whole different story. The ending was a happy one, I didn’t have a hangover AND I can listen to ‘Your Shit’ any time I please.

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