Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cleveland Lotto

It must be very cold and bleak in Cleveland; what else can explain the weird things the people of the city are up to in their spare time? 170 people, friends of us all, have put their names in a collective hat. Those names were picked, one by one, until groups were formed. Groups are also, sometimes, known as bands. 33 of these bands are made but with a snag, no one can share a group with a person, lady or fella, who they've been in a group with before. No sex jokes. Then these groups, or bands, have six weeks to get it all together enough to play shows all around town, creating a strange kind of Twilight Zone music scene.

What a great idea! Man, I miss not being able to go outside, it lets you be real, real creative. I hope the summer never comes to you, Ohio. Weirdness this good should last all year long.

For real information straight from those who thunk it, check out the Cleveland Lottery-League blog! Blogs are creative too.

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