Friday, January 18, 2008

The Cleveland Red Carpet

Ah, it's award season in Cleveland again. The papers fight to give props to people who make music in a town which does not support local music. Great. At least there's a free drink ticket or two involved. And, yeah, I am a huge cock and a hypocrite to boot. I used to love going to these shows, getting smashed and feeling important. It makes staring at a half empty Grog Shop a little easier on the eyes.

The Free Times are pushing their faves right now. It's the same old list with one or two note able additions. If you wanted my two cents, it would be to vote for those note able additions. Namely rippers Cheap Tragedies in the category of 'Best Hardcore' and Bim from This Moment as the 'Best Drummer.' Why Erba has again been denied a nod for his bass playing is still a "Best Kept Secret' and a 'Best Metal' with no Insurrect or Skeleton Witch (they did live in Cle for a bit) is just not Metal at all.

It was nice to see Coffinberry again listed among the cities better Indie bands but it's in y'alls hands to make sure they win it this year. I voted. I did my part. This is democracy in it's most retarded and unneeded form. Take advantage. Make sure your musician friends get those coveted drink tickets!

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