Saturday, December 8, 2007

CMZ (That's a play on TMZ. I meant it as cleveland then whatever m and z stand for).

I think this blog has to go into a different direction. No one really wants to know what I'm up to (I don't care myself). For instance, I am writing this at the library I just walked to and I think I am still drunk from the night before. See? That's not that interesting.

So. I think, from now on now, this blog should be about my celebrity sightings. TMZ and Deadtown Cleveland can walk hand in hand.

First off this blog: This Moment in Black History. Bim, Buddy, Lawrence, Chris. Celebrities? Sure, in a sense of the word. I picked these dudes up at the airport yesterday morning and I was in about the same shape I find myself in now. The first thing Bim says to me is "Have you been drinking?" I had been. Twelve hours before. That set a tone, for sure. That tone escalated when we saw celeb two.

Bim asked Patrica Arquette is she had a joint. Lawrence then stressed that hash would be cool too. The whole story is long and hilarious but I think it's better left at that.

Celeb three and four were spotted later that night at Cha Cha Lounge. First I took a piss next to the bass player from Metallica. I don't know his name but I remember he had a depressing looking apartment in Some Kind of Monster and I respect that completely. Then the fat dude from Knocked Up and Superbad showed up. Everyone left at this point whispered.

This is what life has become and I am confused by it. And with a small apartment suddenly housing seven Clevelanders everything is weirder. Hopefully we will all see Britney Spears tonight and then we can all head back to Ohio.

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