Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Go Badboy Go!

I need to express my true congratulations to my old friend the Canadian Bad Boy of Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling for his unprecedented appearance on the WWE's flagship television program Monday Night Raw. No, I did not see it but I've read about it on the internet and I am truly sad that I missed it. I heard it was pretty foolish. He was an OSU sumo champion or something just as confusing. But no house means no cable TV. I love knowing that someone from Clevo, who has worked so hard at one goofy thing his entire adult life, made a dream come true. God speed, brother.

It's getting fucking warm in California. I drove to the Santa Monica beach today as a way to escape my harsh reality. Fucking Baywatch, out there. Bikinis and bicycles. Someone get me a tan and help me lose twenty pounds. Then I'd be in the circle man. That's all it's going to take.

PS--Indians/Yankees. I'll be watching at a bar in the middle of the afternoon. Buy me a pitcher at Hooters, won't you?

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