Saturday, September 29, 2007

Groundhog Day

At the library again. I probably would not have even thought to write today if it was not for John G. Thank him for this, he's a direct influence on me and my blogging.

Everyday is the same. Groundhog day. Lame reference, yeah, but Mastodon made it in a DVD about Blood Mountain so I can then take it as my own here.

Not having an apartment after two weeks of searching... it's frustrating to say the least. Nine to five, every fucking day. Driving, interneting, whatever it takes. Fucking cocksucker California land lords. I had my last place in Ohio within minutes. A handshake and some bullshitting, that's all it took. Not here, my man. This is a whole other beast. A well fed one, at that; apartments are everywhere and, it seems, they are all being lived in.

Last night was a hell of a burger party. Cleveland people outnumbered the "other kind of people" by a healthy margin. It was nice to be full of dead cow and beer; talking about the same people and the same places but doing so about as far away from them as we could without leaving the country.

Tonight our trophy son is hosting the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. I heard through my mom that this is a HUGE deal back home. I bet. That's the cool thing about a town like Cleveland, no news is fucking big news. I saw the new banner that the city is going to put up outside of the Q. Is it sad to admit that it made me a little teary eyed? I'm not sorry, I just love Lebron James.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Week Two

Week two in Los Angeles is almost over. Still we have no apartment. My head is kind of swimming from sleepless nights on the floor. The weather is up and down. One day will be nothing but sun and the next a perfect fall afternoon. Everyone here knows I am a stranger from the midwest. They are totally right.

I am at a library nursing a hangover and using valuable apartment searching time. There is no chance to write yet. No chance to explore or give a shit about anything other than finding our own shelter. I hope this headache does not find strength. I can't even afford a bottle of Asprin right now.

All of that aside... America is a pretty great country. The drive west was an eye opener. It is the perfect way to get outside of your life and see things through that greater perspective. Plus a beer tastes like heaven after stopping at night fresh from a twelve hour drive. Oh, and girls are way prettier once you get out of Ohio. I'm just saying.

I just wish I could have went fishing.