Saturday, August 4, 2007

One Month

I am moving to Los Angeles, California in about one month. It's no big surprise for some--I've been talking about it for years--but, for others, it might come as a shock. I've told almost no one. I guess I don't care for much hoopla about it. But then again, here I am telling the blog world.

Speaking of blogs. This one was originally supposed to be about the Cle music scene. The real agenda was to use this as a launching pad for a zine idea that Sebastian Wagner and I had been talking about doing for a long, long time. An alternative to the alternative (If Scene and Free Times can even be called that any longer). Or the anti-Pressure magazine... one that really gave a shit about what happens locally. Just like our band Southern Trespass, the zine became a causality of our drinking problems and general apathy. So I took it as my own and decided to use it, from time to time, as my own place to talk about how middle-age black women hit on me in the parking lots of super markets as they beg for change.

So what is to become of Deadtown Cleveland now that it's leader is off to have sex with movie starlets and take up a healthy heroin habit? Well, I thought that, in between orgies and lines of Colombian coke, I would keep up the writing habit (the only healthy one I have) and make this a sort of Clevelander vs. California blog. Us against the world, or better still, us trying to fit into the regular (ie non-Cleveland) world.

Wish me luck. If I am gone for more than one year... that will be a new record.

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