Saturday, July 14, 2007

so, it's saturday afternoon

My neighbor across the street, the one with the Red Dog sign in his window, is cranking Classic Metal as he works on his house. He’s been doing just that since about seven in the morning. It’s a Saturday but don’t ask me what year it is. When you have college radio and Mercyful Fate, everything kind of just stays the same; caught in some wonderful timeless drift. I hope it’s like this forever.

Side note: I got in my car to go to a doctors appointment before posting this entry. I found out that the last song heard before leaving my house was by our own Shok Paris. They may, in fact, have the GAYEST name in Cleveland rock history but don’t ignore the chops. I suggest you research them. The song was off a compilation brilliantly titled ‘Cleveland Metal’. I have to get myself a copy.

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